REPORT お客様の声

Leskinen様・Lakka様御料家 LST WEDDINGレポート

We will always carry the memory in our hearts
日 時:2011年06月05日
新 郎:Juha Leskinen 様
新 婦:Sonja Leskinen 様
挙 式:料亭左阿彌
プランニング&サポート:LST WEDDING 東京店

We searched the internet for wedding corporations in Kyoto and came up with you guys!

This was a suggestion of LST Wedding and we saw from Saami's website that the place was so beautiful.

Because LST Wedding complemented the food and atmosphere.

The ceremony was intimate and beautiful.

The dinner was great!
Of course a little exotic from time to time for us westerners but really tasty indeed!

We think that the arrival to Saami through the little roads and then the ceremony.
The ceremony was so intense that we will always carry the memory in our hearts.

Our guests thought that Saami was really adorable and the ceremony was beautiful.

<LSTの御婚礼サポートはいかがでしたでしょうか ご意見・ご感想をお聞かせくださいませ>
The service that we got was impeccable.
We could not have had a better and proficient planner!

Thank you for bringing our special day to life and making it even spectacular that we ever imagined!


Mr Juha and Mrs Sonja, congratulation for your marriage!!
The arrangements with you by e-mails were so fun and exciting that now I miss it very much
Thank you very much for sharing customs and many things in Finland
It was a wonderful time!!
I do like to express to you my deepest gratitude for having been a planner of your wedding
Thank you very much for selecting LST as your wedding producing company
Your wedding ceremony was so solemn and beautiful, that I was very moved that almost tears ran through my cheek
Thank you again, and I wish you and your daughter always be happy